KKFI, eager to embark on a new project as year 2023 begins
The pandemic did not dampen our commitment to help the marginalized.

Dear friends, welcome to the KKFI website!

At the dawn of a New Year, we at KKFI send you blessings! As we begin new moments in 2023, KKFI remains grateful to our partner donors, stakeholders, its trustees and corporate members and staff who enable positive transformational change in the communities where God has directed us to serve.  

Looking back at years past, we as a collective have faced profound challenges, testing our resilience and perseverance as a community. Out of our shared falling experiences, our impulse to care for one another, Bayanihan-style, has strengthened our resolve to continue to love our neighbors as well as ourselves. Today we continue this love of expanding hope and grace with current and new areas that have been called to our attention.

In addition to activities on poverty alleviation and educational literacy, community organizing will deepen and our curriculum will add WASH (Water and Sanitation Hygiene), environmental matters, mental health well-being and diversity, equity and inclusion conversations.  KKFI is an extension of God’s love for all and is a steward of Mother Earth’s resources.

We look forward to present and new relationships with various universities and seminaries which share interns and their academic knowledge at the places where we encounter God.  We hope that as students learn their craft that they acknowledge their roles in their chosen ministry workplaces.  Together, we strengthen the Philippines and the world with God undergirding our foundational being.

This 2023 calls each of us to a “prophetic path” – a Christian journey wherein we will fall upward to energize us towards our two steps forward (Rohr). Through prayers and bold, courageous acts, KKFI re-dedicates itself to be the changemaker it is called to be on the road less traveled.

Thank you for joining us!


Karen G. Prudente